November 24 thru December 2

    November 25 Afternoon “Inlet Adventure” trip We got really lucky and found a big area of Menhaden (baitfish) that had False Albacores & Sharks in them.Caught a bunch of False Albacores and had a 150 pound Thresher Shark take a bite out of 1 of the Albacores right beside the boat!!! December 1 […]

November 5-23 Report

November 5 thru 23 Well between the bad weather & no trips November has pretty much been a crappy month.When the weather was nice we had no trips and the fishing was good…what a shame.Anyway we got out on a beautiful slick calm day on 11/21 and the fishing was great.Seabass,Triggerfish,and King Mackerel was what […]