Another day in Shark Land March 30,2019

I’am writing this report on 4/1/19……..the month of March we lost 20 days outta 31 due  to the weather.It has been a brutal deal…..but we are still kicking.The Ocean truly has the feel of Summer coming on strong with various things that we are seeing.We did good today 3/30 ..on the Hammerheads and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.It was a grind but my son/boss-man  Patrick ground it down till we got them…….bad day for a hang over…trust me.It was beautiful thou and I was glad to be there.On 3/31 we had another beautiful day  and we could not find the sharks…….5 boats searching and they evaporated.I think that they get in mid water and cruise around and we miss them myself…….But….that’s OK…….we will warp in their ass when they decide to go back and cruise the bottom .

Anyhow…..we are getting ready for the “Holy Dreaded Spring Time Get The Boat Ready Toxic Waste Boat Yard Syndrome”    Sanding/grinding/painting/prepping……I hate it……..Our first trip is May 3…….we will be full speed ahead getting things ready for you guys…..We are booking trips Now……you can go on our online calender and see what days we have open and actually book your own trip or call me at 252-216-6765 if ya have any question.Come on down to GOD’s COUNTRY and have some fun…..Calm Seas & Fair Winds to All

That’s what ya call a Hammer Pile
There is no shortage

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