August 1 afternoon “Inlet Adventure”

Off this afternoon with the “Shark Week/ Shark Bite” crew..the Ring/Bates crew.These are the customers  that were aboard the day of the “EVENT”!!!

We trolled around and caught some nice Bluefish and tried for the Sharks but did not get a bite.Thank you guys for going to bat for me after all the “Super Hero Know It all Arm Chair Fishing Experts” decided to try and educate me on how I needed to do things.It was a pure pleasure meeting you all and Thanks for everything.Looking forward to seeing you all again….I love the T-shirt,plaque,flag and Clorox!!!  You all Take care…..Thanks Again

August 1 afternoon Inlet Adventure Trip
Clorox….the #1 germ killer after a Shark attack…I know!!
My Official Shark Week Participant T-Shirt

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