Free Agent Sport Fishing Update January 12,2020 “What’s Been Going On”

Well guys… Sorry for the slack reporting…….Really not been alot of GOOD to report…….EXCEPT….I’m ALIVE AND KICKING…..I’ll be glad to get 2019 behind me.Been a trying year all the way around.Several really expensive break downs through out the season to only be followed up by having to have triple bypass heart surgery on Jan.10,2020…TOTALLY eliminating my WHOLE winter season commercial fishing with my son on the “LITTLE CLAM” due to the amount of recovery time.
I truly do not understand how some people can just goof off all the time.Dr. says “Ya gotta take it easy”…..Dear Lord….I’m about to lose what little bit of a mind that I have…..ANYWAY……I’m looking forward to getting going in May…..I plan on starting to run trips on May 1 and sooner than that if I am rigged up.
I truly appreciate everyone’s patronage through out the years and truly wish that I had a nicer boat to take ya fishing on…..BUT we are on the FREE AGENT to the bitter end looks to me like.
Once again THANKS to everyone for your business in the past and looking forward to a GREAT summer in 2020..My online calendar is updated and we have plenty of open dates at the present.
We can be contacted at cell# 252-216-6765 or email Feel free to contact me at any time