Well…not alot to report.Been walking ALOT….doing the ole cardio thing after by pass surgery.Been walking alot in the Frisco National Park/Camp Ground.If any of you guys are into camping it is truly a beautiful place.I myself am not much of a National Park Service person….BUT…..I will hand it to them……they have saved a truly beautiful area from development so that the public can enjoy it.Lots of nice camp sights in the hills overlooking the Ocean.Mainly designed for tent camping so ya don’t have all the RV’s around with their generators running.Lots of deer,rabbits and birds around.Nice tables and grills at all the sights….plus nice restrooms and out door showers….I truly do not understand WHY they are not open in the winter.If not for them it would look just like Nags Head,Va. Beach,Myrtle Beach,Ocean City etc.,etc.
Water has been extremely warm for this time of year.It was 60 degrees on the beach the other day……warm enough the shrimp trawlers are hanging off the beach still catching shrimp.My son on the “LITTLE CLAM” has been catching the Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks as well as Black Tip & Spinner Sharks plus False Albacore and King Mackerel.

I’m gonna have to take it easy for while so I can mend up and be ready for the summer….so in the mean time I’m gonna be starting to work on the FREE AGENT sanding,fiber glassing,painting redoing things and all that jazz….something I can handle and not bust my chest open like snatching on big sharks and crap like that……it’s a no profit deal…BUT it is also a no choice deal…bummer.
I’m looking forward to getting going …..I plan on starting to run trips on May 1 and sooner than that if I am rigged up.
I truly appreciate everyone’s patronage through out the years and truly wish that I had a nicer boat to take ya fishing on…..BUT we are on the FREE AGENT to the bitter end looks to me like.
Once again THANKS to everyone for your business in the past and looking forward to a GREAT summer in 2020..My online calendar is updated and we have plenty of open dates at the present.
We can be contacted at cell# 252-216-6765 or email Feel free to contact me at any time

Let’s Go Fishing

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