June 20,21,22 Reports

June 20 & 21 …We had bad weather and did not fish

June 22…..All Day Trip

Off today with the Hauser crew.WOW…..slick calm day…..a miracle here in Hatteras!!!

We started out catching some live bait outside the marina then blasted off to the deep.

We spent the bulk of the day live baiting and caught Almaco & Amber Jacks,a 27 pound Cobia,couple of Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks a Rain Bow Runner,a couple of Gag Groupers and a “non existsant Red Snapper”. We released 1 of the Gag Groupers and the Red Snapper because of “Idiotic Fisheries Regulations”.

We fisnished up the day doing some light tackle bottom fishing catching Trigger Fish & Seabass plus a giant kicker Sea Robin.

Thanks Guys…….Sorry we had to throw back the Pretty Red Fish

Middle fish is a Rain Bow Runner…..very rare…..4th one that has ever been caught on the FREE AGENT

Sorry we had to throw him back guys…..but we got the photo anyway…Nice American “non existent” Red Snapper

June 23 trip catch …Trigger Fish,Sea Bass,Rainbow Runner,Cobia,Almaco & Amber Jacks and Gag Grouper

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