June 25 morning extended 1/2 day trip

Off this morning with the Krzych crew on an “Extended 1/2 day trip”.

Caught some live bait and ran out to the Ocean.Tried fishing in the shoals first for Bluefish but it was a little swelly so we ran up the beach and caught a few Spanish Mackerel.

Dropped off the beach and ran down to a rocky bottom area and live baited catching 3 Amber Jacks and an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark.     Thanks Guys

The Krzych crew in action!!
June 25 morning Extended 1/2 day trip

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  1. We all had an awesome time! We definitely recommend your trips to anyone looking for an adventure that is fun and flexible.
    We chose wisely !!

  2. Deb,
    Glad you all had a good time.Hope the rest of your stay was great.Come back and see us next year.Thanks abunch for the business

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