May 12 ,20019 All Day Inshore Trip

Well….there was about 4 boats out of the entire fleet out today due to the not so nice weather and we were 1 of them……WOW…..Hats off to the Clarkin crew …..They are one tough bunch…My buddy Mike Clarkin use the run the now famous red boat “Fishing Frenzy” many many years ago and his brother Pat was a mate both out of the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.This was when we were all young,skinny and had hair!!!!!
Anyway …we had truly brutal,brutal conditions today.
We started out catching some King Mackerel then attempted to try and find a Cobia.While looking for the Cobia we trolled some blue fish rigs and caught some nice Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral.
Conditions were horrible for sight casting……it was all I could do to keep from getting thrown out of the tower…saw 1 Cobia and did not get him…..Thanks Mike and crew…..your some tough S.O.B.’s

May 12 All Day Inshore Trip

What a “Whopper Daddy Spanish Makeral”

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