May 31 thru June 4

May 31 Had No Trip…Bummer

June 1 Had to come back in due to a steering issue and lost the trip

June 2 & 3 No Trips More Bumage

June 3 Morning Extended 1/2 Day Trip Report
Off this morning with the Malloy crew.What a great weather day….not much wind and no humidity ….a freaking miracle!!
Ran to the Point and looked for Cobia.Caught some Spanish Mackeral/Bonita Mackeral and Nice Blue fish trolling while looking for the Cobia.Saw some big Sand Tiger Sharks and caught 2 Cobia which were to small to keep due to as-sine Marine Fisheries Regulations and we released them .Thanks Guys

June 4 morning extended 1/2 day trip

A sad release

What under sized looks like …looking at you

June 4 afternoon extended 1/2 day trip
Off this afternoon with the Mink crew.
Went back up to the Point and the fishing had slowed down but we still scrapped out a catch of Blue fish and Spanish Mackeral and released a Cobia that was about as big as a “7-11 Big Bite Sausage”…..that successfully managed to get the bucktail before the nice keeper Cobia could.Thanks Guys
June 4 afternoon extended 1/2 day

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