Not A Great Way To Start…But We’re ROLLING NOW!!!!!! May 10,2019

Well to make a long story short…..on the way back from the boat yard(April 18)the ” MOTOR GREMLINS” attacked us.
Had to replace Racor Water seperater globes,fuel lines,starter,$$$$Fuel Pump$$$,and 8 injectors.Put 8 injectors in and 3 outta 8 were bad,……replaced the 3 bad ones and 1 out of the 3 was bad…….replaced the 1 that was bad…and we are FINALLY BACK IN THE GAME……21 days later…4canceled charters ..and $8500.00 short !!!!WOW!!!! Living the dream…..
Anyhow we went out this morning (May 10)to get the short cut through the shoals to the ocean on the plotter and to get tuned in.Fished 30 minutes and it was rougher than all get out and came back in.Had a good catch of Bluefish for just 30 minutes fishing in 5 to 6 foot seas back of the bar in the Inlet.
WE ARE NOW BOOKING TRIPS FOR THE SUMMER……..You check out our availability on the “On Line Booking Calender” on our website and book your own trip as well.You can also email us at or call me Rick Caton at 252-216-6765

We sure as Hell needed some rainbow action after the last 21 days broke down

The “Leprechaun” under the rainbow

This was 30 minutes of “Snappage”

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