October 16 thru 20 Free Agent Sportfishing Report

Oct.16 & 17 ….No Trips…Sketchy Weather

October 18 All Day Light Tackle Bottom Fishing Trip
Off this morning with the Caporaso crew…Just Ray and his darling wife.Weatherman once again missed it ……wind was suppose to be falling out as the day went on…it did not……until about 1 hour from time to go to the dock.
ANYWAY….the crew hung tough and the fishing was great.Did well on the Seabass,Triggerfish,Amberjacks,Vermillion Snappers and released several Red Snappers…”that don’t exist off Hatteras”……that truly chaps my ass.
Thanks Guys…see ya in May

Great Light Tackle Bottom Fishing 10/18

October 19 Extended 1/2 Day Trip
Off this morning with the Elliot crew.Been having to take the long way around during low tide which really sucks . ANYWAY….We spent the whole trip light tackle bottom fishing and caught alot of Atlantic Sharpnose Shaks..which are great to eat as well as fun to catch..plus a few Keeper Seabass and a bunch of smaller ones we released as well as releasing a Red Snapper “That doesn’t exist in Hatteras”…..Thanks Guys….come see us next year

Light Tackle Sharks and Sea Bass 10/19

October 20…..No Go bad weather
Fishing is GREAT right now if we can get pretty weather.You guys that are coming to Hatteras for a week …..I will work with you to make sure ya get a nice day.Book early in the week and we can “Cherry Pick” the weather if your day is bad weather wise and get you a pretty day to capitalize on your trip…..Call 252-216-6765

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