October 27 thru November 1 “FREE AGENT SPORT FISHING REPORT”

October 27& 28 …Weather was to bad to go charter fishing…so I went commercial net fishing with my son on his boat “LITTLE CLAM” and we caught a few King Mackerel,and some Black Tip & Hammer Head sharks.Got really rough mid day and we came in.

Net reel is dumped….waiting to haul back and see what we got on the :LITTLE CLAM”…my son’s boat

I hate rough water

October 29 All Day Bottom Fishing/Trolling Trip ***GREAT FISHING***
Off today with the Kahler crew.Weather in the morning was a little choppy but it got nicer as the day went on.
We spent 3/4 of the trip bottom fishing with light spinning tackle and did well on the Trigger Fish & Sea Bass.Caught a nice Gag Grouper as well as having to release several Red Snappers which was a crying shame.
Started trolling home and found some King Mackerel and False Albacore and did well on them.THANKS GUYS…it was great having you aboard…See ya next year

A nice surprise on the light tackle…Epic battle!!

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