October 9 thru 15 Free Agent Sport Fishing Report

Well October has not been what I would call a very special month thus far.Very few trips and some pretty rank weather.
We just got over about a 7 day North Easter that closed off the road south of the Oregon Inlet Bridge and pretty much just shut Hatteras Island down.5 to 8 feet of sand across the highway and quite a few cars and truck lost due to this mess….I mean buried up to their windows in sand.
Had a trip on the 12th and had to cancel due to the weather but we did get out on the 15th.
We got out today 10/15 with the Gressk crew on a semi nice day.
We started out catching live bait outside the marina then ran offshore to go live baiting around several wrecks.
First stop the Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks were pretty thick and we left…..they are great to eat ..but were not the target species.
Next stop we caught a few Almaco Jacks and Amber Jacks as well as some more Sharks.
Next stop we finished out the trip catching Triggerfish,Seabass,Gag Grouper,more Sharks and had to release several Red Snappers cause NOAA can’t get their heads out of their asses and recognize the fact that we have them here and deserve to have a 1 per person limit.Thanks Guys it was a pleasure

10/15 all day trip Triggerfish,Seabass,Sharks,Almaco and Amber Jacks ,and Gag Grouper

Double header of small Red Snappers we had to throw back due to as sine fisheries regulations

What a crying shame to have to throw a great catch like this back overboard…..but it was nice to catch him

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