What Does He Do In The Winter?????

I’m sure that some of you think that we just set on our ass all winter after making all that money that you  think that we are making charter fishing in the Summer………Not the case….First off after ya add up all the expenses of trying to stay in business charter fishing….as a true full  time owner operator…and in the mean while trying to keep your rates as low as possible….and dealing with all the “Part Time” super hero charterboats cutting your throat……you would understand that there is no setting on your ass all winter doing nothing!!

We spend alot of cold,rough, wet days slamming around in the Ocean in the Winter chasing Sharks & King Mackerel to catch and sell on the commercial market.These fish go all over the USA.We use nets as well as hooks to catch them both.

Here’s some photos and video of what has been going on here in Hatteras,NC in December 2021 thus far…..


We use hydraulic bandit reels with wire line  to catch most of the King Mackerel


This is a nice class of King Mackerel

Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks are the #1 Sharks that we target
Sharks & King Mackerel caught in nets…getting ready to go to New York’s Fish Markets


These are Moonfish…an Asian delicacy


Here’s a video of what roughly 6000 pounds of uncleaned Sharks looks like…….after we cut them we had 2200 pounds of clean, processed  bodies