Trips & Rates

Free Agent offers full-day and half-day inshore and offshore fishing trips. The different types of trips we offer can be seen below.

Contact Captain Rick Caton for pricing at or (252) 216-6765.

Full-Day - 7am-5pm
Half-Day - 7am-12pm or 12pm-5pm

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The “Happy Crabber” trip is a calm water, education and family-friendly fishing trip. We start off the trip fishing by either trolling for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish or Bottom fishing for Flounder, Sea Mullets, Croakers, Spots, and Trout. OUR MISSION is to make sure everyone has a fun, memorable trip and no one gets sea sick. If we start out at the edge of the Ocean and it is choppy we will be going back in Pamlico Sound where it will be calm.

During the last half of the trip, we go crabbing! This is a very interactive part of the trip. We will have a load of Blue Crab Traps set and baited from the day before so that the crabs can have time to find their way into the traps. YOU will get to pull the trap, shake out the crabs and fish, re-bait the traps and reset them and then sort through the catch! The whole catch is yours to keep and eat. This is a great trip for all ages—particularly kids. You can book your own trip below….or you can call me at 252-216-6765…….Let’s go have some summertime fun!



The "Inlet Adventures" trip is designed for a crew that prefers to stay in sight of land. We will be trolling for Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish while looking for Cobia and Big Red Drum. We also bottom-fish for Flounders and other inshore pan fish such as Croakers, Sea Mullet , Spots and Grey Trout.



On this trip we start out catching our own fresh live bait to be used live bait fishing for Cobia, Sharks and Amber Jacks. We spend the first part of the trip live baiting and jigging and we spend the last part of the trip bottom fishing for Seabass, Triggerfish, & Snappers. At the end of the trip, we generally troll home fishing for King Mackerel and False Albacore. This in not a Gulf Stream trip—this is a 10 hour trip.



Hatteras offers some great Cobia fishing. Generally on a trip, we are sight casting for them with bucktails from the 40 foot high tuna tower. There are a lot of conditions that have to happen for this trip to work—you need clear water, warm water and sunshine. This type of fishing is kind of like deer hunting from a tree stand—you're not going to get one every time you go and just because you see them, that doesn't always mean you're going to get lucky. On a typical day, we ride around trolling catching Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish while we are looking for the Cobia. At times, we also encounter huge schools of Big Red & Black Drum which can also be caught sight casting on the bucktails. On days when sight casting conditions are not right, we either drift with bait or anchor up and bait fish which can also work well. May and June are the best months for this type of trip and the limit is 4 Cobia to the boat with a 36" fork length.